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I’m Anna, an independent communication consultant, trainer and facilitator. I work in communication because it intrigues, challenges and moves me every day. It is powerful stuff and done well, it can not only move me, it can move mountains. I’m the proud owner of Jester Communications, which offers a full range of communication consultancy, training and facilitation services.

I partner with clients to create bespoke, successful communication strategies, which use traditional, digital and social channels to emotionally engage the audience, meet business objectives and improve business performance. Discover how we could work together to deliver communications excellence in your organisation.


I spent ten years within agencies directing communications for national consumer and B2B brands before stepping into a newly created Head of Communications position for a £1.2bn turnover construction materials organisation. A comprehensive group communications audit and reform programme followed, successfully changing the landscape of both internal and external communications. My final tenure before moving into full time independent consultancy saw me work alongside the Chief Executive and Executive Committee of the same organisation advising on thought leadership, leadership engagement, employee engagement, change management and strategic communications. I’ve won awards for my work and a few personal coups too, including being a Chartered Institute of Public relations (CIPR) ‘Outstanding Young Communicator of the Year’ finalist.

You can check out more about me and what it is like to work with me on my LinkedIn page.

My Approach

The most effective communication is that which engages the audience emotionally – after all, “we are creatures of emotion, not logic” (Dale Carnegie).
I call this ‘Felt Communication’ and it is my consultancy approach.

“Anna is one of those special kinds of people who gets it the first time. She drives ideas to successful completion and has a unique ability to connect with people at all levels. She does what any trusted advisor does – thinks strategically, challenges, then delivers her promises.”
Nick Terry Managing Director


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Communication strategy, Engagement and Brand-Building

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I’m not an agency – if you hire me, you get me

I’m passionate about living and working in the Midlands and service clients across the region. I also work with organisations in London and across the UK, on a short or long term basis, in both a consultant capacity and as an extension of the existing communications team.

I’m not an agency – if you hire me, you get me. I don’t claim to be able to do everything. Instead I work with a network of tried and tested individuals and agencies, who I’m really proud to recommend to help us deliver your communications on the ground.

I’m always open to new ideas on how we might be able to work together so please get in touch here if you have one.
“Anna has a great personal style which helps to bring everyone on the journey with her and show the power of communication and the value it can add to a business.”
Jane White Head of Customer Marketing


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Felt Communication

Because feeling is believing


I work with clients to consider carefully a suite of desired emotional responses to their communications to ensure their messages stick. We don’t always remember exactly what people say to us but we always remember how they made us feel. In fact, it is that, above all else, which directs how we pass it on to others.

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Communication is serious stuff but there’s a lot to be said for a bit of jest

The benefits of smiling, laughing, story telling and entertainment when it comes to effective communication are scientifically proven but this often gets forgotten in the corporate environment.

Whether it’s in the context of a full communications review, a leadership engagement exercise, the delivery of an important internal message or an external PR campaign, Jestology is an integral part of my consultancy approach. Organisations who communicate well are fun to work for and companies that are fun to work for enjoy happy, engaged, productive employees too.

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