Top tips for a liberating, guilt-free social media approach

Jan 11, 2018

We’ve all read the reports about how social media is turning us into a society of depressed, distracted and, ironically, antisocial people.

Yet we continue to put this pressure on ourselves to be ‘seen’ socially on many different platforms. This is true of both businesses who want to promote themselves and individuals, who, I guess, are essentially doing the same thing!

From a professional point of view, we all know that feeling of multiple notifications on our phone, being conscious that we haven’t checked Twitter for a couple of hours and feeling guilty that we haven’t posted something on Linkedin in the last two days – and all of this on top of the day job and the hundreds of emails that come in each day.

Well – STOP.

Take a breath.

Social will still be there when you’ve taken it (I promise).

Unless we’re manning major consumer facing press offices, customer service and other corporate social feeds of this nature (i.e. it’s your actual job to do that), I am a real believer in taking back control of social, rather than letting it control you.

Here’s my top tips for a liberating, guilt-free social media approach:

Less is definitely more

Quality over quantity folks. You’ll feel better about it and your followers will like you more for it. One meaningful, useful, thought provoking or genuinely funny post a day is better than one ill-thought-out piece of rubbish once a minute.

Play to your strengths

Twitter drives me nuts. Sharing via 140 characters is not my natural style and a stream of thousands of tiny thoughts filling up my phone, head and life just doesn’t work for me. I like richer, quality content. Think about where you’re strongest and play to it.   

Control your social media, rather then let it control you

Looking at social feeds every time you get a notification distracts you constantly and productivity plummets. Decide when you’re going to look at social each day, give it a set amount of quality effort and then leave it alone. The same goes for email by the way.

Keep social in perspective

If you don’t check your social feeds every fifteen minutes, or look at that notification immediately, what’s the worst that can happen? Remember the dog and bone? All a bit prehistoric now but I promise you that if someone really needs you, they’ll use it.

Show some love

Apparently people who just look at other people’s social media feeds and never like anyone’s posts, or post themselves, are left feeling emotionally worse for it. When you are looking at social, show some love to your network and feel that warm glow.

One stop shop

I can’t get enough of Flipboard. All my topics of interest, selected newsfeeds and the few social accounts I want to see in one place. Keeps my phone, feeds and head tidy. Check out the plethora of aggregator apps out there and choose the best for you.

The human touch

Social, and the whole plethora of digital comms now available, have had a big effect on how often we speak to and see our colleagues and network. All the social in the world will never beat a video call or a cup of coffee to exchange some thoughts (and smiles).    

Nothing ventured…

All of the jungle celebrities are fearful of no phones or Insta feeds. What do they all say when they come out? Have a little social break every now and then – I promise you it will feel liberating (after the cold turkey, hand twitching bit). You can even let your network know so no-one thinks you’ve died.

When it comes to social, I truly believe that doing it less, in a more managed way, actually makes it you better at it (as well as everything else too).

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